Didn’t get into the club?

Your friends are having a blast and you can’t join them?

With FairDoor, you can get up to 600 € compensation if

your entry was denied due to discrimination.


Take the FairDoor quick check to find out whether you may be entitled to compensation.


No downsides on your end - FairDoor will bear risk and costs.

Daniel, 28

"I love going out, dancing through the night and having fun with my friends!

Ever since I was a teenager, there have been countless situations where I was denied the entrance into a night club for the mere reason that I had a “darker” skin color than my friends. "Not today", "private event", "come back tomorrow" were the

excuses I often heard, while my friends were able to enter the club trouble-free.

FairDoor and its partner lawyers gave me the opportunity to stand up for my rights - I received close to 600 € compensation! It was an amazing feeling - I can definitely recommend FairDoor’s services to anyone who has ever had to deal with similar situations."


So funktioniert's


FairDoor fights for a non-discriminatory and equal access to nightlife.

We are a non-profit organisation that advocates fairness and transparency for everyone. Our focus area is the nightlife industry (clubs, discotheques, etc.) with the services and events offered therein.


FairDoor takes on two roles:


1. "Education Mission": Within migrant communities, we are actively raising awareness about unlawful and discriminatory practices based on ethnicity and/or gender, occuring at the doors of night clubs & discotheques. We also inform about possible strategies for countering such practices.


2. Trial funding and accompaniment:

For people who have experienced discrimination, FairDoor (and its partner lawyers) offers:

-  preparation of fact sheet for a civil law suit;

-  funding and execution of a trial;

-  bearing of risks in case of defeat in court.


While helping those affected take a stand and restore their dignity is at the top of our priority list, our overarching mission is to position the topic of door policy discrimination more visibly in civil society and public discourse.


In the medium term, FairDoor aims to encourage a societal dialogue on "non-discriminatory door politics" and to find solutions with all stakeholders, i.e. persons affected by discriminatory practices, NGOs, as well as nightlife entrepreneurs. The goal is to jointly craft and establish policies that are transparent, non-discriminatory and fair, thence combining the respect for human dignity with the capability to exercise a lawful and reliable guest selection policy.


Of course, discrimination does not stop “at the door!” We look forward to ideas and suggestions for cooperation: info@fairdoor.eu


Mag. Matthias Strohmayer LL.M., Lawyer:

"The Austrian Act for Equal Treatment (Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) provides ways to combat discrimination in everyday life. In the entertainment industry, it occurs that night clubs reject people with a migration background due to their skin colour. This is clearly discrimination and in violation of the Gleichbehandlungsgesetz; affected persons are entitled to compensation under Art. 38 of the Gleichbehandlungsgesetz. There have been numerous court rulings in favour of these victims, who ended up received compensation.

Facts & Figures


Cases of discrimination in Austrian bars & clubs, per month


85 Mio. €

Estimated damage, per year


600 €

Average value of claim, per customer

Soruces: ZRS Wien; LG St. Pölten; BG Innsbruck; FairDoor internal

So funktioniert's

How it works

•  Complete the FairDoor quick check in German or English so we know what happened.



•  We'll review your case and get back to you within 3-5 days with an estimate of your chances to receive compensation



•  If we believe that you may have been unlawfully discriminated against, we will jointly work with our lawyers to complete the process of obtaining compensation for you, averaging up to € 1,000.


•  In order to cover our costs, we will obtain 50% of the attained compensation if the case is won. In return, we bear liability and costs (court fees and attorney fees) in the event that you are not awarded any compensation. Profits are reinvested in the activities of the FairDoor NPO, thereby helping many more people affected by nightlife discrimnation.




You have no risk and no costs!


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